7 important traveling tips for women who are traveling alone

May 19, 2021

7 important traveling tips for women who are traveling alone

Women who travel solo need no introduction for themselves! Solo travel brings ultimate self-confidence in completing all the jobs. Thus, if you are a woman and you traveling solo, you are limited to individuality! Further, your first solo trip can be a religious experience. It can teach you a lot of life lessons. 

If you plan for your first solo trip, you might need a lot of advice and tips from lone travellers. Although the internet these days serves you the best, there are still some live tips that only a traveler can give you. In this post, you will learn about such tips that will help you the best in your solo trip. However, there is no doubt that you are on your own. But this post includes locations and tips for staying at places that are safest for women. Thus, explore the most valuable tips if you are traveling alone.

Solo traveling tips for women!

Safety Tips

Do your researches before you arrive!

When you are traveling solo, the first thing that you need to consider is your safety in any location that you travel to! Some of the most exotic places like Dubai, the United Kingdom, and Portugal are the safest country for women. You must also be aware of the strict law and order in these countries. Thus, if you want to travel solo, you can travel to these places, but you must do complete research before traveling. 

Your research must include where you will stay. It would be best if you always go for short terms rentals. It is because; they are always safe and hygienic. You can assure about your health in these short term rental. There are many safer contemporary flats at Marina Palm and Malls, Downtown Dubai, and England that offers you a safer stay. You can do you research about these place to find the best short term rental.

Choosing the right accommodation 

As discussed in the above paragraph, choosing the right accommodation is what always matters. It is especially when you are traveling during a pandemic. In such cases, short-term rentals are much safer than hotels. The short terms rentals bring you properties where you can feel at home. You will not have hotel staff bothering you about anything. You can have your own personal space! Thus, if you are traveling solo, you must prefer short-term rental, as they are safer for women.

Carry personalized storage for your IDs

When you are traveling all alone, you have to carry all your stuff all alone! In such cases, misplacing of garments is bearable. But what is not bearable is the missing IDs. While you are traveling abroad, your IDs are the most vital things that you say about yourself. At many places, the officials may ask you for your IDs. Thus, you can carry a money belt. It is a storage that gets attached to your belt. Reaching your shirt every time to take out IDs may draw attention. Thus, it would be best if you keep everything on a money belt.

Stick to open places

Although it is needless to say that places like Dubai, UK, and Portugal are the safest places for solo women travelers. But if you are traveling for the first time, you must stick to open places. In such cases, hotels are usually in cosy places. However, you can always find a short-term rental at open public places and residential areas that are much safer. 

Include confidence in yourself

You may be traveling for the first time, but that must not be visible on your face. You must always wear confidence in yourself. If you are traveling to a country with different, you can try speaking the native words you need to convey your message. It would be best if you also walk in your direction with confidence.

If you will look here and there continuously, it may draw unwanted attention. If you feel that you are losing the direction, you must walk into the shop to ask the direction. However, staying at short-term rental won’t let you lose your direction, as they are present in primary locations.

Leave valuables at short term rentals

When you are leaving outdoor to enjoy the scenic beauty places, you must try your best not to wear flashy clothes. You should also leave your valuables like pieces of jewellery at the short-term rental. 24X7 CCTV monitoring with personal access only helps you keep your belonging safe. You must try carrying the minimal things with you. It must include your mobile phone, purse and a bag with ID.

You must check your map and transportation schedules before leaving your rental property. Further, it would be best if you try not to appear like a tourist. 

Leave a copy of your itinerary

This is the most important thing that you need to ensure about. Although you may be traveling solo for an adventure, your family should know where you are. In such cases, you must leave copies of itineraries. You can leave a copy of the address of the short-term rental houses. You can leave copies of your air tickets and even your schedule; This will ensure your safety wherever you travel. Thus, always leave a copy of the itinerary while you are traveling solo.


Keeping it precise, these were some of the best tips for women who are traveling solo. Now that you are aware of the tips keep them in your mind, and act while you are cruising solo.

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