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“Stronger Together”: Collaborative Success in the Property Industry

Luke Stays Property Franchise
July 7, 2022
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I recently read an insightful article on Forbes that compared teamwork in business to the Thunderbirds program. Essentially, it was trying to explain that businesses (and any kind of business community) function at their best when every team member feels valued and like they’re part of the most elite team in the world.


If you think about it, we all have one common goal in our industry. Creating more time and choices for ourselves, so that we can ultimately live more rounded and fulfilled lives. Whether that means spending more time with the children and securing their future with one person, or travelling the world with another person – the common mission is always about “more choices”.

We also tend to have the same enemies. And these aren’t necessarily in the form of other people who we believe are “out to get us”.

A lot of the time, the thing that stands in the way of our success is our lack of self-belief, our lack of commitment; and maybe even our tendency to procrastinate and become complacent, purely because that feels safe and familiar.

As some of you might know, I can receive a lot of criticism in my line of work. Some of it can be quite personal (even though all I’m trying to do is help others after working hard for my own success). So, I thought today would be a good opportunity to talk about why teamwork is at the helm of everything I do at Luke Capital Group, my short term rental property management company. 

In particular with my property franchise opportunities, which are designed to make people like you successful – while helping me reach my own business goals in the process. 


teamwork and helping in building business


It’s Always a Two-Way Street


The business of partnerships is one that needs to be thoughtfully forged and nurtured so that they’re equally beneficial for both parties involved.

Let’s be honest, our industry is guilty of making a lot of noise with “partnership announcements” that often fizzle out, or amount to very little in the long run. This is something I’ve always been wary of – and since the get-go, I’ve wanted our franchise opportunities at Luke Stays to be positioned as a solid business offer for both our partners and ourselves.

In our case, this is a business opportunity (that requires a lot of effort to actually work); and not a road to mentorship where I simply hold everybody’s hands as they “magically” become successful. We’re very upfront about the commitment that’s required with our potential franchise partners; and I feel this transparency helps us build that all-important trust and sets us on the right track, moving forward.


You see, the reason our franchises become wildly successful is that myself and the team go “ALL IN’ – because our back’s on the line, too. I have a personal goal of reaching 5000 units by 2024 and this can only happen with the help of the incredible franchise partners we work with. It truly is a “you scratch my back and I scratch yours” kind of a situation. 


When aspiring property business owners join the Luke Stays family – whether they have prior experience or not – they’re armed with all the resources, training, support and information they need. Essentially, we’re offering a “plug-in and play” property business model that can be set up and scaled in any part of the world (and we teach business owners how to look after their units internationally, too).

Naturally, when our franchise partners succeed – I benefit from it, too. Not only from a business point of view – but to see people changing their own lives as well as the lives of their families – while knowing that we’ve contributed to it somehow, is a joy like nothing else.


teams working in business


Making Success More Accessible 


As a brand, we talk a lot about inclusivity – and it’s important to me that every member of our team has the tools, confidence and support to reach their fullest potential. No matter where they come from, or what their credentials are.

I never forget that less than 5 years ago, I was the one who was looking for a “big break” – and couldn’t even define terms like “rental arbitrage” or “rent-to-rent”.

Since growing my own property empire, I have had this huge desire to help others achieve the same, with the help of my own knowledge and experiences. There’s no reason for people to spend as long as I did learning the property game when they’re partnering with Luke Stays – nor make the same mistakes as me and end up losing money in the process.

So, while the uptake on our franchise models has been excellent, I’ve been thinking of ways to make the licences even more accessible for those who thoroughly deserve them.

Earlier today, I announced a “reward” for the next 10 franchise sign-ups at Luke Stays. I’ll offer them a 75% discount on the fees (saving them a phenomenal amount of money), as well as a shorter-term contract so they don’t have to make a huge commitment from the get-go.

This is the kind of stuff that I would have dreamed of in the early stages of my career. To have all the information, support and experts laid out in front of you for a small monetary investment is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And I understand there might still be people who’ll question my methods or claim that this is “too good to be true” – but I’m not here to tell you that these franchise opportunities are all bells and whistles.

You’ll need to work hard, you’ll need to mentally train yourself for success, and you’ll need to learn how to be a leader – none of which is easy.

But it’s simple with Luke Stays – and you certainly won’t be doing it all.

With some teamwork and a great deal of tenacity, I can personally guarantee that these franchise opportunities will pave the path for even greater success for us ALL in the future. So, why wouldn’t you want to be a part of that?


teams winning from business profits

It’s time to be a team player.

We’re #StrongerTogether.

Visit the Luke Stays website right now to find out more about our franchise opportunities; and please remember only the next 10 sign-ups will receive that special reward.

In the meantime, keep building and bettering –

Ryan Luke
CEO & Founder of Luke Stays

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