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Why Franchises Are the Future of Serviced Accommodation

Luke Stays Property Franchise
March 21, 2023
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In recent years, serviced accommodation has emerged as a popular alternative to traditional hotels, providing guests with more space, privacy, and home-like amenities. One of the most significant developments in this sector has been the rise of franchises, which has enabled more entrepreneurs to enter the industry and expand their businesses. In this blog post, we will explore the personal franchisees’ stories of Luke Stays, what can be the future of serviced accommodation and the benefits they offer to both owners and guests.

Let’s put it his way; if your dream in life was to plant a sunflower patch, then what would you do if somebody said they could provide you with the seeds, the ideal garden space, and all the know-how you need about gardening?

In most cases, it would be foolish and a bit of time waste for you to pass on this offer; and insist on looking for the seeds, garden space, and know-how yourself, from scratch. Ultimately, this would cost you more money and time; and suck a lot of the fun out of what you actually want to do: plant sunflowers. So, it baffles me when people condemn the idea of franchises in the serviced accommodation industry. For me, they’re the best way of acquiring success in a much shorter timeframe and with far less risk – if you partner with the right people. Today’s article has been inspired by two of our newest franchisees, Jawad and Sara Malik, at Luke Stays. A couple of days ago, they shared a massive win in our community’s Slack Channel, celebrating a huge booking and a reason for Sara to pause her usual full-time work. For me, this perfectly encapsulates the power of a strong and ethical franchise model in the serviced accommodation industry. Read all about Sara and Jawad’s early wins and how you can change your life with Luke Stays, too. 

franchise model success in property business serviced accommodation and short term rentals
Jawad Malik, franchisee of Luke Stays, is sharing his first booking with Luke Stays family!

Franchise Models + Positivity = Productivity

Not only does team morale feel great in the workplace, a report from Harvard Business Review goes on to state how positivity at work can boost productivity in a number of ways. Unsurprisingly 60 to 80% of workplace accidents are related to stress, and health costs at “cut-throat” businesses tend to be higher by up to 50%. On the other hand, people who work in an environment where they feel seen, supported, and valued are more likely to form close bonds with their colleagues as well as with the company they’re working for/ with. This will naturally seep into their performance at work, meaning fiscal results will be better all-round.

The property and serviced accommodation industry have a reputation for being stressful and traditionally “dog-eat-dog”. As we move into a more millennial and Gen Z way of business, such is not the case anymore; and more people are looking for work opportunities that take care of their emotional needs, too. This is perhaps the biggest advantage of joining Luke Stays as a franchisee. Not only are our partners free from the initial stress and worry of setting up a SA business from scratch, but they also have the support of a tight-knit team, who are always generous with their advice (based on their own professional experiences). What’s better, is that even as the CEO of the business, I like to make myself as accessible as I can for our franchisees, so nobody in our professional family feels isolated in any way. Starting a property business from scratch can be daunting, after all.

successful franchisees of Luke Stays franchise in serviced accommodation and short term rentals
Founder CEO of Luke Stays Franchise – Ryan Luke – with our successful franchisees!

Shared Knowledge & Resources

With such a positive culture in place, it was no surprise that every member of Luke Stays franchise community celebrated along with Sara and Jawad when they announced their first big booking with Luke Stays. Not only has this power couple been consistent, enthusiastic, and extremely adaptable, they have taken full advantage of the numerous tools and resources that they’re immediately entitled to as a member of the Luke Stays family. Along the early stages of their journey, the team has supported them with ideas for the interior of their properties, marketing, and general day-to-day business runs (or sometimes, we’ve just been a virtual ear to vent to1!). Sara and Jawad offer the same in return to other members of the franchise community; and collectively, every individual win feels like a massive team win for us all. The screenshot of Sara’s message below reminds me that this is the reason why we do what we do. This is the kind of support that I wish I’d have had for myself in the early days of my property journey; but I’m even more delighted to be able to pay it forward, with the help of my team.

Sara & Jawad Malik, franchisees of Luke Stays, receive their booking with franchise guidance and support!

Trust – That Can Be Leveraged

If you read a lot of our content, you’ll know that we talk about trust and trust marketing a lot – as inspired by our friend Chris Maughan of I-PRAC. While Sara and Jawad are “an incredible example” of serviced accommodation business owners, generating bookings of this quality is very hard to do in the early stages of your journey. Naturally, it takes time to establish trust between yourself and your target audience, who are probably accustomed to booking accommodation on Airbnb. However, Sara and Jawad have the added benefit of operating under a brand that is officially of the most trusted in the short-term rental industry. Because a vast majority of the market already recognise Luke Stays, the business owners have been able to leverage its reputation and grow their own business from it. Ultimately, this means that we all become winners. Sara and Jawad can enjoy scaling their business to any height they want (and I suspect, this will be high!) – while the Luke Stays brand continues to add to its portfolio and grow a short-term rental brand in an ethical and hospitable way. For more information about Sara and Jawad’s property listings, click here on Luke Stays Franchise List. You can also find out more about becoming a franchisee with Luke Stays, regardless of any limited experience.

In conclusion, franchising is the future of serviced accommodation because it also offers significant benefits to both owners and guests. Franchisees benefit from brand recognition, scalability, support and training, consistency, and flexibility, while guests benefit from a familiar brand and a consistent guest experience. As the serviced accommodation industry continues to grow, franchising will become an increasingly attractive option for entrepreneurs who want to enter this lucrative market.

To know more about Luke Stays franchise and see if you qualify, start by joining Luke Stays Academy here. Or simply contact us on our chat widget and one of our team will assist you.

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