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Why Trust Luke Stays Luxury Real Estate to Find Your Tenant or Buyer in Dubai?

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Finding the right tenant or buyer for your property in Dubai can be a challenging task. It requires expertise, market knowledge, and a deep understanding of the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

That's where Luke Stays Luxury Real Estate comes in. With our unwavering commitment to excellence and a proven track record, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for property owners in Dubai


Off plan property investments involve purchasing properties that are still under construction or yet to be built.

At Luke Stays we specialize in offering exceptional off plan property investments in Dubai

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Investor DNA

Choosing Luke Stays is not just for the now, you are making a great investment decision for your entire future. Our trusted professional agents will become your go to real estate expert for all your needs now and in the future, building a great relationship with you and your family .

What is your DNA?

Every investor has a unique DNA and we aim to work with you to ensure it is attained at all times.



Whether you are buying your first home, a multi property landlord or a tenant looking for a place to rent we will explore your desires with you to ensure we are working towards achieving them at all times using our expert knowledge in the industry.



Everyone has different needs, whether you need a quick sale, you’re investing for profit or maybe you’re just a tenant wishing to locate the perfect long term property for your family. we will identify your core needs and apply our skill sets and tap into our network to find the perfect fit for those needs. 



It’s important for us to understand your ability to buy, sell or rent from the offset so we can ladder focus on to the right target from the beginning and ensure we get you what you want straight away. 

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Transparent Contract Process

Whether you are buying, selling, renting or asking us to manage your property investment you can trust in us to be transparent with the whole process and financials at all times.


Process & Fee Guides

We have prepared detailed guides, to help you understand our fees and charges as well as all government charges and taxes.

Selling Your property

The sales process for a property owner in Dubai selling their property involves various steps including broker services and government fees

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Buying a property

There is now an abundance of readable dummy texts. These are usually used when a is required purely to fill a space.

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Renting your property

There is now an abundance of readable dummy texts. These are usually used when a is required purely to fill a space.

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Tenant Finding

A professional real estate agent aims to find tenants who are reliable, trustworthy, and capable of meeting their rental obligations. Their expertise and experience in tenant screening and selection help mitigate risks and increase the likelihood of a successful tenancy

Marketing and Advertising

Property Presentation

Tenant Screening

Tenant Interviews

Tenant Selection

Lease Agreement Preparation

Coordination of Lease Signing

Ongoing Communication and Support

Exclusivity Agreement


Exclusivity attracts more buyers as they know our sellers have listened to our advice and are serious

Exclusivity means the buyer has more confidence the agreement will go ahead

Less risk of wasted time and money with a motivated agent

Increased advertising budget

Additional brokers are statistically proven to cause issues and delays

Be Exclusive
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Property Management

The property management process for a landlord using a professional company in Dubai involves various steps and associated fees. We have tailored long-term and short-term property management packages available for landlords.

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Ejari Property Management

Opt for Luke Stays Property Management solution or an 8-year Rent Guarantee, you’re guaranteed more profit and ultimate peace of mind

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