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How Is The New Working Style For The Future To Come

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November 3, 2021
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Working style has been changed.

With over 195 countries in the world all on different time zones and with unique climates of their own you really are spoilt for choice when you know how to travel, work, rest and play all at the same time.

In this article we will give you 3 top tips on how to travel the world as you make money.

Having hosted in excess of 30,000 guests and speaking to almost all of them, the Luke Capital Group know a thing or two about travelling.

The world post Covid has become more flexible to people working remotely and we think this is a great thing. We have certainly embraced that culture with the Luke Capital Group.

woman working from home

Now, working from home doesn’t necessarily mean “home” it just means out of the office.

One of our staff members recently asked if they could extend their holiday for an extra 2 weeks and work from the beach rather than the cold UK weather. “Of course” was the answer.

Where you work from is irrelevant as long as the work gets done and you perform.

Digital Nomad – Remote Working

Now this question might get you the sack? Or so you may think. However, working cultures have changed and the aged old mantra of clocking your hours in to prove you are working is no more. Well it certainly should be. So if that is your company culture maybe you need to start looking elsewhere. But that’s another story.

With the amount of holiday you get per year plus the ability to work from anywhere you can turn yourself into a digital nomad.

Digital nomads came out in droves through Covid and were booking our apartments for 1 to 3 months at a time. Basically they were hopping from country to country to avoid the lock down restrictions and regain their freedom!! Absolute genius idea.

We saw these patterns emerging more and more as we pushed deeper into 2020 and 2021. They have continued which we think is fantastic. After all you are only here once so why not make the most of it.

Remote learning is also becoming a big thing now to compliment the digital nomad / remote worker. Basically you can travel the world and take your kids with you and they still get the formal education they need. Again… GENIUS!

kid learning from home

The New Style Of Living

If you are your own boss then the world really is your oyster, Luke Stays are striving hard to support your every move.

As we start to open up new offices around the world we continue to support the digital nomad and their families stay in luxury accommodation that has everything they need to operate their work and family life.

Currently we have places to stay in Dubai, UK, Portugal and soon to be Sydney and Melbourne with Thailand, and the US to follow in early 2022. Check out our delightful properties to book for your next stay.


Travelling is getting easier and our freedom is once again being granted back to us. So, is now the time to re-asses your life and redesign it around the world? I mean why base yourself in one place when there are over 195 countries to visit. All with amazing people, culture, weather, lifestyles and more.

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