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Travel Trends To Be Aware Of In 2023 And Beyond

Travel, Tourism, & Events
March 10, 2022
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Why Be Aware Of The Latest Travel Trends

Travel trends are expected to change in fierce ways by the end of 2022 and beyond. We have entered a new decade, and everything around us is changing – including travel. But how will the travel industry and tourism change? What will these changes entail? Will Covid-19 restrictions still be applied?

Based on the latest news and research regarding the Travel & Hospitality Industry, major changes are imminent if they haven’t already occurred.

What will be the latest travel trends in 2022 and beyond?

I will elaborate on the travel trends in this post to place you at the forefront of the changes happening in the travelling and tourism industry today. Since the Covid-19 pandemic struck our planet, everything has been halted for some time, affecting the way we live – even our travelling.

It might not seem like it now, but our system is changing. Even if we can’t necessarily see it, one day, we will see it. We can’t simply assume that everything will be back to normal and think that this pandemic will pass and we’ll be back to our normal lives.  We should acknowledge this change and accept the fact that everything is changing, and one day we will awaken in a new world.

As a result, travelling, tourism, and hospitality are all changing. Technology has emerged in the industry, and it will revolutionise it.

As technology is thriving and constantly changing, it also affected the travel industry as well. Technology trends in travelling are becoming a big part of the travel industry, and all travellers should be aware of them. Learn more as well on planning a travel trip in 2023 if you’re travelling anytime soon.




1. Young Travellers Are Increasing

Young travellers are not only increasing, but becoming more exotic.

These days, younger travellers are not just looking for a beach vacation to unwind. They want an immersive adventure. If they do go to the beach, it’s usually somewhere exotic, like the Maldives or other off-beat tropical destinations. Contiki reports that their younger travellers are exploring exotic locations like Thailand, Egypt, Ireland, and South Africa.

2. Sustainability In Travelling

The travel community has become increasingly aware of how transportation and over-tourism harm the destinations they love so much. They also understand that under-tourism and the lack of travel threaten popular places in the same way.

Travellers are beginning to solve these two problems. By seeking sustainable means of travelling that allow them to explore the world while preserving global destinations.

Luke Stays is also aware of that. Another problem tourists are facing is the expensive hotel rooms. Not only expensive is the issue. But nowadays, tourists are looking for more private places, and hotels are not these places.

Luke Stays is serving all tourists and business travellers with the best affordable serviced accommodations around the UK, with future goals to expand to Australia. the US, and East Asia.

3. Increase of ‘Workation’

The idea behind workation is basically what the word literally means – working + vacation. If you have been working from home for the last few months, a change of location might be very much welcomed. Escape the monotony of your home office and head away for a few days to refresh your mindset.

During the pandemic, having to pack up our belongings and set up offices at home was of paramount importance. As many of us were forced to set up offices and workstations at home from lockdown restrictions.


The ‘workcation’ trend took off during the recent health crisis, with many people choosing to trade their stereotypical 9-to-5 job for a month abroad with their laptops. However, this year is likely to see a very different trend.

A survey conducted by Booking.com of 24,055 travellers in 31 countries and territories found that 49 per cent reported working more hours. And taking less annual leave as a result of the pandemic.

4. Travelling Spontaneously

It seemed like many travellers were afraid of booking a last-minute trip abroad last year due to pendulum-like swinging travel restrictions around the globe. But in 2022, it appears that spontaneous travel might be on the rise again.

THE OUT, a premium car rental company that offers delivery of a Land Rover within three hours of making a reservation. It reports that people are booking fewer last-minute trips, with an average time between booking and travel of fewer than three days.

Booking.com found that more than half (53%) of travellers wanted to travel sustainably in future. And 69 per cent expected increased numbers of sustainable travel options from companies.

holiday car

5. TECH Involving & Evolving

Last year, technology was a key element in the travel industry. Many people believe that this technology would aid them in learning about health risks while travelling and reassuring them that their trip would be safe.

In a survey done by Booking.com, more than half of travellers (53%) wanted the option of making last-minute restaurant reservations via technology. While a fifth (21%) wished they could make those reservations by self-service machines instead of face-to-face.

tech travel trends

As of 2022, technology will remain popular among travellers, with 62 per cent saying it helps them cope with travel anxiety. And 69 per cent admitted they’d be interested in a service that could predict which countries are safe to travel to.

Will these travel trends increase, and more might come?

The answer is definitely YES! Travel trends are changing every day, and the whole travelling system is evolving.

The team of Luke Stays is always researching these trends, and the trends are just increasing, and more people are following.

If you want to always be aware of the new trends that might come up, then stay tuned to the next blogs and articles to come; there will be more updated information about the Travel & Hospitality Industry.

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