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How To Plan A Memorable Trip In 2023 And Beyond

Travel, Tourism, & Events
March 24, 2022
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Planning A Memorable Trip

To plan a memorable trip, you should first decide to go on a trip, or maybe a vacation, or a holiday. You should second know what the structure of your trip is. A structure of a trip is what defines all aspects of the trip. To design its structure, you should answer the following questions.

  • What is the destination environment of the trip? Where am I going?
  • How long should the trip be?
  • Will it be a flight, by car, boat, or others?
  • How many people are coming with me? And are they fit for this kind of trip?
  • What is my budget for going on this particular trip?

Of course, questions can be infinite when you want to ask yourself. But these main questions can identify almost the entire trip structure. With these questions and their answers, you have a foundation upon which to start planning based upon. Will you agree with me?

Based on your answers, you can start planning your trip and put a step-by-step plan to implement on your trip. Because as we all know, going on a trip without planning can be surprising and have adverse outcomes. Now, let’s see some travel tips and guides to help you and anyone who wants to plan a trip.

We all experienced bad trips, trips with memories that were not good at all, and most likely regretting the whole trip and calling it a stupid trip. It’s alright because I feel you, and I have already been through bad experiences on my previous trips, but not anymore when I understood these tips. For this reason, I decided to write a blog post, simplifying how to plan a trip as much as possible, whether it’s an in-house trip, or travelling abroad, so you will be ready and excited for your next trip.

Let’s start!

travelling tip for you

Tips And Guidelines To Keep In Mind

The best tip to start from is to decide on the trip in advance. Let’s say 2 to 3 months before the trip time will come. Why am I suggesting that? Simply because you will have more time to think about your trip, edit and change parts of it that can be more beneficial from the initial decision.

So, firstly decide when your plan will be, answer the above questions in blue, and by the time your trip date comes, you will be able to slowly design it in the best way you can ever do it.



Read the tips and guidelines below, and you will have a more comprehensive picture of planning a memorable trip that you won’t forget. And you won’t forget this post, of course. Just kidding, I hope this post will be helpful to you and your friends.

Tip#1 – Do A Cost Research

Tip#2 – Start Saving Money

Tip#3 – Get A Travel Credit Card 

Tip#4 – Do A Deep Research On Things To Do

Tip#5 – Understand The Nature Of The Destination

Tip#6 – Have An Insight Of The People Living There

Tip#7 – Pack What Is Necessary Only

Tip#8 – Keep Extra Space In Your Packing

Tip#9 – Book Your Accommodation In Advance

Tip#10 – Manage The Risks

With these ultimate 10 tips, you can have a completely perfect plan for your trip, how it might be whatsoever. I will go through each tip and explain how you can use it in planning your trip. Plus, I added a bonus tip at the end of this post, so make sure to read it as well.

travel prices

Tip#1 – Do A Cost Research

When you decide to go to a place, whatever it can be, you should simply have an overlook of the prices. Doing so will allow you to calculate your overall cost of visiting this place.

Based on this, you can determine if the place is worth going to or not according to your budget. Of course, it is unwise going to a place that will cost you your whole budget. You will regret it later.

On the other hand, the place may be below your budget means, and you might have a chance to go to a better place than it.

So, cost research is very critical when deciding where your trip destination might be.

Furthermore, keep in consideration the time you will be staying in a certain place, as the more you say, the more the cost will be. So be aware to include the time cost along with the place’s general cost.

Tip#2 – Start Saving Money

I mentioned earlier in this post to decide on your trip in advance. Why? So you will have the advantage of saving money till your trip time comes.

In Tip#1, I am clearly mentioning to calculate the general cost of your trip. Maybe the cost calculation was higher than you could afford. But if you were doing the research 2 or 3 months before, you can manage to save money if you want to badly go on this trip.

Having a budget and deciding that this will be your travel budget is misleading most of the time. You might be surprised that it wasn’t enough, or you maybe regret that you could’ve stayed longer or done more things.

So, know what might be the general cost of your trip, and start saving for it. This way, you will protect your financial situation throughout the year.

The main key of this tip, take it for life and plan in advance to at least expect some reasonable things that might happen to you.

Another reason for saving money for your trip is you may want to have emergency funds in case something happens during your trip that is outside your budget.

I personally know many people got their trips screwed because of not having emergency funds set aside for some unexpected cases.

So, save money, even if you have all your costs covered, when you wish to plan a memorable trip.

Tip#3 – Get A Travel Credit Card

If you are travelling outside the country you’re living in, it is recommended to get a travel credit card. The perks you can get are quite good and beneficial over time.

Using a travel credit card can save you money if used wisely. You should understand from the credit card provider what the perks are and how to use them.

Moreover, using a credit card can be a beneficial payment method, especially since the currency converting rates can be less than using your debit card directly.

Do research on available travel credit cards in your area, and seek information about their currency conversion and their perks while using their travel credit cards when travelling. Gather as much information as possible, and pick the best travel credit card that suits your needs.

This is a technique that is called ‘Travel Hacking’, and if you travel often, I recommend using them for your whole trip.

plan a memorable trip

Tip#4 – Do A Deep Research On Things To Do

I am sure that you check out the place you’re travelling to before you decide to travel. But I would rather suggest doing deep research on that particular place.

To do that, read as many blogs as possible on the place, and check comments on Youtube and other resourceful websites. You might find useful discussions between people already been there before.

Nowadays, no matter how much information you collect on a thing, there will always be more information you don’t want to miss out on. So make sure your research is quite enough to cover all the things you need to know.

Moreover, after the Covid pandemic, travelling ways have changed quite much. So make sure you are following all the travelling trends and see how is the place you desire to travel to is adopted.

Tip#5 – Understand The Nature Of The Destination

This tip is quite critical in most cases. You must be aware of the nature and environment of the place you’re going to. And I am saying that mostly healthwise.

You should know the nature of the weather, food, sleeping hours, and some routines of the place. This will let you know more about how to prepare yourself before you get shocked by many things you didn’t expect to see and experience.

Moreover, you will be able to pack more wisely. Since you know what you’re going to face, you can be well prepared.

Tip#6 – Have An Insight Of The People Living There

Well, this tip can seem irrational to some of you, but you should know the nature of the people you will be contacting the moment you reach your destination.

Knowing the nature of the people or locals living in the place you’re travelling to is essential in terms of being aware of what you might face.

Frankly speaking, you can’t trust anyone pumping into your face in a totally new place to you. If you’re unlucky, you might face some people with bad intentions to tourists and take advantage of them.

So, research and try to seek comments and discussions from people already been in the place, and try to understand the mindset of the people there.

This can help you a lot in your decision when you want to do certain things in the particular place you would love to visit.

travelling tips

Tip#7 – Pack What Is Necessary Only

While packing, consider how many nights you’re staying, and consider the tips above. You don’t need to take things you might not need.

For example, while understanding the weather, you can be certain of what type of clothes you need to take with you. Of course, you don’t need to pack up sweaters when you don’t use them. Or packing up boots that aren’t suitable to walk with on the streets.

You should be wise in picking your stuff and making sure you’re taking only things that you really need rather than packing many things you won’t even touch.

So while researching the nature of the place or the things you want to do there will give you a clear sight of what to pack.

Moreover, you might have to buy stuff that you need if you don’t already have them. You don’t want to go and regret taking too much or too little.

Tip#8 – Keep Extra Space In Your Packing

Doing so is calculating the way back, as they would say. Referring to Tip#7, if you pack more than you need, you won’t be able to take extra things with you on your trip.

Well, you might buy extra personal stuff for yourself while travelling. Or you might buy some special stuff that symbolises the place you visited. Let it be a snow globe, for example. You might buy things for your family back home or for your friends or lover.

So keeping extra space in your luggage can help you take stuff with you from the place you were and make some memories with them.

Maybe the clothes in the place you’re travelling to are more affordable than in the place you’re living in. This can be a great chance to refresh your wardrobe and save money meanwhile.

Tip#9 – Book Your Accommodation In Advance

I would say this is the most important tip in this post I am writing. Knowing where you’re staying is the most critical part when you’re on a trip.

Of course, you would stay there is Booking.com and Airbnb, which are the best online booking platforms. On the same side, there are many frauds on them.

Many travellers and tourists faced illusional places and lost their money while booking a rental property to stay in. So, try not to be haste when booking a property online. Even if the property is attractive in photos and prices.

If you would like to rent a property rather staying in a hotel, search for well-known companies that are specialised in short term rentals and serviced accommodation like Luke Stays. Moreover, thanks to I-PRAC, which provide protection to both guests and hosts, when it comes to booking through protective online payment platforms.

Booking a rental property as a short term rental can be more beneficial to many travellers. It gives you more privacy and peace of mind, and most importantly, it feels like home. Furthermore, it is cheaper compared to a hotel room, as you have a full apartment with all amenities.

This serviced accommodation model is thriving nowadays and creating new technology and systems in short term rentals to attract more guests and especially business travellers and families.

protection in online booking

Tip#10 – Manage The Risks

Managing risks can be the sum up of almost all the tips I shared above.

While researching a certain place using the tips above, you will have a general idea of what risks you might face.

You may be introduced to diseases or insects that can be harmful to you, as your body might be sensitive to you. So it is worth looking into this matter.

Another risk can be keeping your regarding your documents. Some places are not recommended to have your documents as hard copies and roaming everywhere with them. Try having them as soft copies instead and scanned by you only.

Other risks can be place-related. While researching, bother yourself and look out for some risks that may not come into your mind. So you need to be careful most of the time.

Bonus Tip

This is the bonus tip I promised you at the beginning of this post, which is “Data and Internet Services”.

Well, if you’re travelling within the country, you’re living in, this won’t be a problem. But if you’re travelling abroad, you might consider this.

Before you reach your destination, check online how you can buy a local SIM that has data packages for your Internet access while roaming across the place. This would save you a lot of data roaming charges than using your own SIM.

This is considered the cheapest way to have internet access and maybe do some local calls.


When deciding to travel or go on a trip, you can’t just go without having a look at all these tips I’ve shared in this post. Unless you are a wild adventurer that wants to experience some challenges.

If you’re willing to have a well-organised trip, you should keep these tips in mind when you want to plan a memorable trip.

I hope those tips were useful to you and would be useful to use them.


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