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Flying from Dubai for the World Cup? You’ll Need This Guide!

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November 15, 2022
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With just a matter of days left until the first game of the FIFA World Cup, travel and accommodation plans are in full swing.

An increasing number of footie fans have opted to make Dubai their “home base” while enjoying this enormous sporting event – given Qatar’s limited capacity of hosting guests.

As connoisseurs of all things Dubai, we’ve outlined the things you need to know if you’re flying from Dubai to Qatar for the World Cup in today’s blog. Kick back and make a note of some of our points if you need to, as the UAE is going to be booming this time next week.

World Cup 2022 in Doha
Doha World Cup 2022

Shuttle Flights from Dubai 

Earlier this year, five airlines announced they would be running World Cup shuttle flights to Doha so that football fans can watch the games before returning to another country within 24 hours.

This now allows tens of thousands of fans to stay in cities like Dubai – where there is a lot more serviced accommodation available – and travel daily with convenience (and getting to enjoy the most glorious parts of the UAE in the process!).

The airlines that have confirmed Shuttle Flights directly to Doha include:

  • Air Arabia
  • Fly Dubai 
  • Jazeera Airways
  • Kuwait Airlines
  • Oman Air 
  • Qatar Airways
  • Saudia 

These flights are available from Dubai, as well as Kuwait, Muscat, Jeddah and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. 

airport and airplanes
Airlines For Doha-Dubai

Where to Get Your Flight Tickets From 

Prices for the Shuttle Flight start from $258 in the economy and $998 in business class. Do bear in mind that as this is one of the world’s biggest sporting events, prices are likely to hike up – so do try and book your flights in advance if you can.

It’s recommended that you visit the airline’s (from whom you wish to book a ticket with) website and book directly through them. Many of these airlines will require you to have a
Fan ID and a Hayya Card beforehand, which is available on the Qatar 2022 website and the Haya and the Qatar 2022 smartphone app. 

The Haya Card will grant you access to the stadiums and free transportation (to and from the stadiums) using the Doha Metro, with trains travelling directly from Hamad International Airport. 

COVID 19 and Other Safety Guidelines 

It’s best practice to double-check with the specific airline you are travelling with. However, most airlines travelling in and out (and around) the UAE and the Persian Gulf do require you to wear face shields during your flight, unless you are exempt.

Covid tests have been largely discontinued as being obligatory; but this will depend on the specific destination you are travelling from – and airlines are subject to change their rules, at any time.

airlines front desk
Airlines Policy

For more information about the FIFA World Cup 2022, stay tuned to our blog and social media updates – as we’ll be staying on top of all the latest action.

Book Your Stay In Dubai, and enjoy the World Cup 2022 with Luke Stays.

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