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Luxury Life in Dubai: The Fanciest Experiences Handpicked for You

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June 21, 2022
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Ranked as one of the most luxurious cities in the world, Dubai is packed with ultramodern buildings, opulent retail centres, the finest eateries and a skyline that is frankly, unmatchable.

The glitz and glamour of Dubai have been attracting A-listers and royalists alike for decades, and you too should treat yourselves to the ample luxury this city has to offer. 


Whether it’s your first visit to this Arabian paradise, or you’re simply looking for new upscale travel ideas, we’ve rounded up some of the best Dubai experiences (guaranteed to make you live that five-star life). 


Downtown Dubai


Luxury Desert Safari 


Quite often, the first thing tourists imagine when thinking of luxe life in Dubai. When it comes to desert safari, Platinum Heritage rules the roost (for the ultra-luxury experience).

You’ll be taken in a Range Rover across the stunning sand dunes, on a wildlife expedition to enjoy the local animals in the sanctuary. After the safari, you’ll be seated in luxury majlis and treated to some date juice (a cultural favourite), as well as canapes and a stunning falconry show. 


Many guests usually finish this luxury experience off with a 6-course meal, prepared by a private chef,  along with henna paintings and shisha. 


Dubai Safari



A Stay at the Burj Al Arab 


Experience the “jewel of the Jumeirah” in Dubai’s most iconic hotel. The Burj Al Arab has broken world records over the years, including being the tallest all-suite hotel in the world and serving the world’s most expensive cocktail at 27,321 AED. They certainly know the meaning of luxury at the Burj! 


A stay with this hotel could offer chauffeur-driven rides (in stunning Rolls Royces) around the town, as well as helicopter trips from Burj Al Arab’s iconic helicopter pad, private access beach and breathtaking terrace with pools and cabanas. 


The hotel offers discreet check-in and a host of personal butlers. There’s no doubt, of opulence at every corner at the Burj Al Arab. 


Dubai Burj AL Arab


Play a Sport of Golf 


The Emirates has a number of fantastic golf courses available and Dubai is fast becoming the epicentre of the golfing world. 

In fact, with so many golf tournaments happening such as the Omega Desert Classic and the DP World Tournament, it’s no surprise that Dubai is home to some of the finest places for golf. If you fancy playing this gentleman’s (or dame’s) game – pop into the newly opened golf club at Dubai Hills or head to the Jumeirah Golf Estates. 


Dubai Golf Estates


Tour in a Slick Supercar 


It’s not uncommon to spot Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches and Bentleys on the streets of glitzy Dubai. You’ll more than likely come across a few Limited Edition models too because the city is positively fixated with supercars. 


There are plenty of places for you to rent a luxury supercar from, and to tour the streets of Dubai like royalty. So long as you have an International Driving Licence/ Permit (as a non-resident) and are of legal age, renting luxury wheels in this Arabian city is what gold-studded dreams are made of. 


Dine Like Royalty 


There’s certainly no shortage of fancy restaurants in Dubai, so much so that this topic could easily have an article of its own! If you’re keen on stepping into the fine-dining circuit in Dubai (regardless of your preferred cuisine), the city caters for all.

Some restaurants are more decadent than others, but they all serve exquisite dishes – some prepared by Michelin Star chefs – and have the price tag to match. Our top recommendations include Billionaire Mansion Dubai, Cavalli Club Dubai, and Social by Heinz Beck (but to name a few).

It’s unmistakably, luxury on a plate. 


Dubai Marina



Of course, the above is just the tip of the skyline. For the ultimate sumptuous experiences in Dubai, continue following our latest write-ups and insights at Luke Stays, as we continue to share the most recent trends in luxury (and we know this city, all too well). 

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