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Where to Watch the World Cup 2022 (If You Can’t Fly to Qatar)

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July 1, 2022
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There are approximately 143 days left till World Cup 2022 in the sun-drenched country of Qatar. Footie fans from across the globe are getting excited about the first official kick-off on November 21st at the Al Thumama Stadium – as Senegal takes on the Netherlands in Group A, followed by hosts Qatar against Ecuador at the Al Bayt Stadium. 


It’s an event that gets everybody together – whether that be at a lively stadium, the local pub or in the comfort of a family living room.

As big footie fans, (Newcastle for our CEO, YES), we’re keen to share how you can enjoy the World Cup 2022, even if you can’t fly to Qatar. We’ve rounded up some of the best ideas and locations in the UK, so you can start making those plans now


Ready? Let’s kick-off. 


World cup 2022


Footie Culture in the UK 


As you probably know, “footie culture” is a huge thing here in the UK. The sport has over 150 years of history, and with the first rules written in England in 1863 – it’s not surprising that a vast and diverse culture has emerged in our country. 


In fact, to say football is a “way of life” for Brits would be the understatement of the century! The sport evokes a level of comradery and passion among fans – who choose their clubs based on family affairs, where they live or popular football players. Either way, once a Brit has chosen a football club to support, they’re bound to them for life.

But football goes beyond a sport. Over the decades, it’s been wildly glamorised thanks to football icons such as David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi (to name but a few) who’ve reached massive celebrity status and have had a hand at coining new terms such as “WAGs” and turning the sport into some kind of religion.


Either way, the most recent NFL research report states that footie fans have reached 13 million in the UK. So, if you’re not able to enjoy the World Cup 2022 in Qatar, then the UK is for sure the next best place to do so. Here, you’ll bask in the vivacity of real footie culture – but be warned, you might be swindled into rooting for the country’s home team. 


Let’s Check out some Hotspots In the UK, Footie Fans. 


England world cup



Newcastle is packed with places to catch the footie, from cool sports bars with HD TVs to cosy haunts offering pints and burgers galore. The city itself is among the liveliest in the UK, so if you fancy having a knees-up with some local fans, this is the place to do it.

First up, there’s WonderBar – which is in an excellent location and is jam-packed with wide screens to catch all the action. This venue also serves up an epic food and drinks menu to enjoy alongside the games.

There’s also the River Bar Washington, which is one of Newcastle’s best spots for football fans. These guys pull out all the spots for the big matches – as well as phenomenal “beet towers” to really get you in the 2022 World Cup spirit 


You could also check out Spy Bar Jesmond, which is known as one of the best sports bars in the city. The bar is sure to make a lot of noise around World Cup time and will roll out the best burgers, drinks and snacks to fuel you while you support your team. 


You can stay in our hotel in Jesmond for VIP prices when booked directly. Grab your VIP rates today and secure the best nights of the World Cup 2022.


english pubs cheering world cup




The capital city will be a hub of all things World Cup this year. For all your football viewing pleasures, why not swing into TOCA Socials – where you and the gang can book a private box and enjoy the game together. The venue does great food (by the bucket!) and offers a range of beers and drinks.

Also on Great Eastern Street in London, is Trapeze Bar – which is great if you’re looking to follow the World Cup in a more “upscale” environment. This fancy London hotspot is known for its bespoke drinks, big screens and friendly service – and is a good option if you’re looking to escape from the “rowdiness” that football sometimes invites!

Of course, no sports-related article is complete without a mention of Bar Kick in the trendy area of Shoreditch! Footie fans will love that this bar is football-themed, offering table football, comfort food, cocktails and the chance to catch some games on a 3D screen! This is by far, one of the best places to enjoy the World Cup in the UK. 


Do remember, London is known for its plethora of pubs and bars – many of which will be screening the World Cup. For the more upscale and in-demand bars, you’ll probably need to book in advance – do check out the likes of The Bull & Gate, Tiger Tiger and The Abbey Tavern while you’re planning your footie socials.



cheering in london pubs and bars




If you know the history of Luke Capital Group (and a bit about the CEO, ahem) – you’ll know that Durham is pretty close to our hearts.

It’s been included in this list because it’s a fab part of the UK without a lot of the upfront “noise” you’re likely to come across in cities like Newcastle, London, Birmingham and Manchester. For cosy evenings in,  to catch World Cup games, Durham offers a range of traditional pubs and modern bars. There’s The Library – which is pulling out all the stops for 2022’s World Cup events (and one that’s highly recommended).

The Three Bridges will also be screening matches – and is very known for its craft beers and traditional pub menu. Though it’s recommended to reserve a table in advance. 

Dives like Players Bar Durham and The Shakespeare are also great options, and the city has a number of hotels that will be welcoming guests to enjoy football screenings in the lobby.


watching world cup at a serviced accommodation



Book With Us And Enjoy Special Rates For World Cup 2022

So, if work commitments, family responsibilities or an inability to travel is stopping you from flying to Qatar for World Cup 2022, you still have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the games right here from England (the hub of true footie culture).

Luke Stays has high-quality serviced accommodation available in all the areas mentioned above (should you wish to go all out with your family and friends) – so do feel free to check out our properties on the websites, and book direct for the best rates.

Rest assured, we’re I-PRAC Approved and offer 100% protection against rental fraud and put our guests’ well-being first.

Here’s to enjoying the World Cup together real soon! 

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